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Workflow Automation of New Cell-Based Therapies

Strategic evaluation of the cell-based therapy market and need for automation

Commercial Issue




Engineering-driven life science automation company wanted to develop solutions for the emerging cell-therapy market. Would the market be large enough to build a business?

Significant investment into the cell-therapy market over the last decade. Will investment translate into commercial opportunities? If the addressable market is sufficiently large, what are the specific opportunities for investment available to the company?

  • In-depth interviews with industry experts to understand the potential uses of automation in the cold chain to address unmet needs and bottlenecks

  • Bottoms-up model development and forecasts for market sizing and growth

  • End-to-end workflows indicated the location of the greatest need for automation in the cold chain

  • Provided market opportunity assessment based on addressable needs

  • Created a partnership and acquisition roadmap for the next
    5 years

  • Company invested/partnered in areas CBA identified as greatest opportunity and exceeded original plan over the last 3 years

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