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Asset and Partner Opportunities in Prostate Cancer Diagnostics

Assessment of prostate cancer patient care journey and workflows to determine stakeholder unmet needs and opportunities

Commercial Issue




New diagnostics and therapeutics are expected to alter the prostate cancer care paradigm. What are the opportunities for the client to acquire, partner, or develop to meet stakeholder needs in the future?

Key unmet needs are well known, with several products in development to address them, as well as additional needs that are poorly addressed. Are there opportunities to partner, acquire, or develop?

  • In-depth interviews with experts and stakeholders to understand the current and future care paradigm, unmet needs, and gaps in addressing them

  • Prioritization and valuation of opportunities

  • Full care paradigm map with stakeholder needs isolated and identified along with current solutions

  • Market opportunity assessment based on addressable needs

  • Recommendations on opportunities to exploit and key potential partners or acquisition targets

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