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Technical Due Diligence of Private Equity Acquisition

Evaluation of Diagnostic Company's Clinical Chemistry Spin-Out

Commercial Issue




The client, a leading private equity firm, was evaluating acquisition of a target company that was being spun out of a large healthcare company. The client had assembled a due diligence team and required additional technical expertise to evaluate the target company's products, pipeline, and technologies.

The short time-frame we had to conduct our assessment required us to focus on the technical feasibility of the company's product development plans, and its portfolio (test menu).

  • Reviewed company documents provided

  • Attended an on-site visit, including presentations and tours of product development activities

  • Prepared and asked questions to the company, at an on-site visit and subsequently by teleconference calls

  • Developed product development and product performance benchmarks based on our proprietary data and through interviews with external experts

  • Prepared a briefing deck for our client summarizing our findings

  • Participated in a Q&A with the client to address questions related to our findings

  • The client proceeded with the acquisition, which successfully closed at ~$4Bn

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