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Real-World Patient Journey of an Ultra-Rare Bleeding Disorder

Real-World Market Assessment of an Ultra-Rare Autoimmune Disorder Using Care Paradigm and Healthcare Claims Analysis 

Commercial Issue




The client's market strategy for a recently launched product for a rare bleeding disorder was not working. The client suspected that the market insights they had, based on advisory board and key opinion leader advice, as well as prior market research, were inaccurate and did not reflect real-world experience or actual sites of care.

In order to gain deeper insights into the market, we believed that three complementary approaches were required: (1) a deeper, and more detailed, map of the patient journey that included all sites of care; (2) analysis of real-world patient journeys via healthcare insurance claims analysis; and (3) analysis of electronic medical records (EMRs).

  • Created a detailed patient journey map, based on review of the literature, client prior research, and in-depth interviews of medical practitioners with recent experience of the disorder

  • Analyzed claims from Medicare (mainly over 65) and PharMetrics Plus (mainly under 65, privately insured) data sets

  • Analyzed EMRs from an integrated delivery network

  • Integrated the above approaches to reconcile apparent conflicts and differences, and to gain confidence in our inferences and interpretation

  • Presented findings and recommendations to the brand and marketing teams

  • Client included our recommended market approach in their strategic marketing plan for the upcoming year

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