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Market and Target Assessment for Allergy, Infectious Disease and Autoimmune Diagnostics

Assessment of Acquisition Targets in the Immunoassay and Molecular Diagnostic Markets in the Allergy, Infectious Disease, and Autoimmune Segments

Commercial Issue




The client wanted to expand their clinical diagnostics business by expanding into additional segments, with an interest in immunoassays for allergy, infectious disease, and autoimmune diagnostics. A potential acquisition target was available: is this target attractive, and how does it compare with competing companies in the space?

The client needed to understand the market potential and competitive dynamics within these segments, as well as the opportunities and threats from competing technologies such as molecular diagnostics. 

  • Analyzed the IVD market for allergy, infectious disease, and autoimmune testing, including size and growth within each of these segments and their sub-segments.

  • Assessed competing technologies and customer needs and drivers for each segment based on primary market research and review of secondary sources.

  • We analyzed and profiled selected companies, including the target company.

  • Created a board-ready briefing deck describing the overall market as well as drill-downs for each segment of interest.

  • Profiles of each company enabled stakeholders to understand the relative position of the target company vs. selected representative competitors.

  • The board approved the acquisition, which was subsequently completed for >$1Bn.

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