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Complementary Diagnostic

Developed Go-To-Market Strategy for Pharmaceutical Company's Diagnostic Biomarker

Commercial Issue




A global pharmaceutical company had developed a complex biomarker that predicted patient response to their marketed drug for a common psychiatric disorder with multiple generic options.  They wanted us to test whether their biomarker test would help or hurt their drug in the market and in positioning with payers. Furthermore, they wanted to understand the best options for bringing the test to market via partners.

Assuming that the test becomes approved by the FDA, how will payors respond? Will the test provide sufficient differentiation to enable improved tier placement or coverage of the drug? How should the marker test be marketed and reimbursed? How will the drug label for the test affect the market for the drug?

Approximately 50 primary interviews of payer medical directors, pharmaceutical benefit managers, and laboratory directors.  Creation of strategic options for the drug and biomarker. Educating the brand team on the IVD and laboratory markets.

  • Provided recommendations and options for how to bring the diagnostic test to market, including risks and benefits of each and their potential impact on the branded drug

  • Client initiated discussions with potential laboratory partners regarding development and marketing of the test

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